Who are the real racists?

If there is one word used to make a dissident voice shut up in a hurry it is the word racist. Used by alleged anti racists.  You simply wish to express respect to the traditions of your country or the heritage of your ancestors, you will end up libelled a racist, your cause is lost. Your feeble attempt to save your culture might imply that you think yours is superior, you’re dealt with, you’re done.  Don’t express any opinion against mass immigration to your home country, the thought police is out there,  who will label you a racist,  you will be be accused of already organising a virtual pogrom. Racist is the word used to shut up any form of self defense of preservation. It is almost impossible to win a public debate when your opponent hand you out the racist label.  To fight those pervert anti racist methods here is my top 5 of  responses to fight those hypocrits on false higher moral ground. It will proof the worst racist is an anti racist.

1. Anti racists believe in inherited superiority.  They wish fronteers wide open. They are puppets of the globalist capitalists. But inherent of their world view is they assume normal that they stay on top of the world competition in producing. In fact, they are terrible racists.  They wish that other people, chinese, vietnamese or marrocons, do the minor jobs. Anti racists are often teachers, or journalists, they sit in front of a screen, they do not work with their hands. They wish a world of exchange  in which it is natural that some will always perform the least qualified slave jobs, whilst others deserve the better ones. Nationalists just wish that each country does all its jobs itself, and that the physical more difficult jobs get truly paid for, and that only products and services a country does not have is searched for abroad.  Anti racist think they are superior, they crave for global competition, in which they will always be ahead. They will try to hypnotise you by promoting ‘education and formation’  for our countries to ‘win’ the globalist competition. As if others would be unfit to be educated and out perform us,  as if it is the leading role by birth of western society to keep the better jobs. People who think so are pure racists, they  imply inborn superiority in their natural staying ahead in internal competition.

2. Anti racists hate their own people.  In every word or way an anti racist agitates always will surge their hatred of their own kind. They think white man is genetically bad and guilty to all evil. Other ‘etnic groups’ (they don’t believe in race) can have any excuse, our poor great grandparents however are the source of everything wrong in this world. Their hate comes out in every opinion they will focus on albeit religion, folklore, tradition or music. Yes they will listen to world music, and abhor nordic folklore.  Nationalists love their origins and they admire those of other folks. Anti racists wish one big world of interbreeding without tradition, ready for consumption (of  products or ideas) . The old farmer who sticks to his ways stand in their ways. Anti racism is about hate of your ancestors and of the nordic people. 

3. Anti racists hate nature and evolution, they deny races. Human kind has races just as much as bears. It is a forbidden subject, this blog is not the place to develop such a widescale subject, google it. Anti racists will defend the cause of the polar bear, that is merely a white grizzly, they will do anything to preserve this natural white beauty and his homeland, on the other hand they will try to imprison those who struggle for the preservation of their ‘white » homeland or what’s left of it in Europe. Anti racists think they are above nature, they deny the laws of it and are assasins of million of years of evolution on this planet by promoting the migration to races to places where did not belong nor emerge.  Antiracists or antifacists (antifas) are hateful exterminators of the beautiful line of humans of the bleu and green eyed species.  In 3 words, they hate nature.

4. Anti racists are selective. They only focus on white nationalists. Maybe you did not notice : immigration and mixture is only taking place in predominant white countries, Europe and America. Africa is getting blacker, Asia is all yellow, in Arabia you have a price tag on your head.  Anti racists promote preservation of indigenous peoples far away, while sponsoring cultural genocide among their northern folks.

5. The racist insult is only used towards  white people.  Mohawk indians expelling whites from their reservation are named ‘in search of identity’.  Black people not dating even blacker people go free. Jews expelling blacks and palestines from Israel are never mentionned. Chinese or japanese making it impossible for western immigrants to have a permanent resident visa are just doing business. And tibetian monks wishing to kick out those same chinese of their homeland, trying to save what’s left, are called holy.

Anti racism is only effective in Europe and America, because whites are guilt ridden. Why does it work? Whites have been told for a century that they are all guilty of all evil in the world, slavery, holocaust, and imperialism.  Before that Christianity brought us the show-the-other-cheek mentality of « love thy neighbours ».  Not exactly the right fighting spirit in a world dominated by Darwinism and survical of the fittest. This blog will deal with all these lies on other places.

black is beautiful
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How the Kazhars run the french army.

This summer the president of France Nicolas sarkozy has decided to renew the old frenchmade drones for a new model, named MALE (moyene altidutde longue endurancre.. you got the message). The drone is the ‘spearhead’ of the french army in terms of information research on the enemy and even futur warfare as the more ‘civilized’ countries prefer to destroy the enemy from a very long distance, the very latest finding to make war immoral. Untill here nothing new. The european and american competition has been outplayed by a joint venture of Dassault Aviation and… Israel Aerospace Industries… The drones are build with the exclusion of being used in the middle East close to Israel. Now that comes in handy.  Do I have to develop this topic any further to make your eyeballs roll? Not only  is it a most ridiculous move to adapt an israelian model for obvious strategical reasons  (Israel owning acces to the source of the information of the french army), it is also another industrial sell-out,  another move to build up riches in Israel with french taxpayers’ money while jeopardizing european job saving endeavours. I’ve only red on this contract on very informative internet blogs of specialists, nothing in the mainstream media. Do I have to point out that Serge Dassault’s real name is Bloch? Yes from Jewish German descent, like  president  Sarkozy is of Jewish Hungaryan descent. How to transfer even more money from the french slaves towards Israel and make at the same time their army inoperative in capacity of information gathering.  A secure step to prevent the already hypothetical event of a french attack on Israel (well you can never be too sure with Marine LePen scoring high in coming election polls).  Even on army strategical blogs people are talking about the pros and cons of model choice but none is getting the big picture, nobody wants to speak up.  And through the mainstream media the people are kept dumb and dumber.  Do you get how the System works?

Yes they did not print his face for nothing on a stamp to celebrate the victory of their tribe over France!

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In memory of the sharp dressed man (or woman).

Bunschoten 1953 the Netherlands, 4 beautiful dutch girls in original Bunschoten apparel. Our cultural dictators have proclaimed it a deed of citizenship to show irrespect to every form of european heritage. When I was a kid already (in the 70ties) , the only tune I saw on TV or heard at school was that tradition was backward and that farmers were more or less idiots. This is and was the cool attitude, spit on your heritage and consider yourself a free man. At the same time we are obliged, to sing in the political correct medley of praising tribal folklore from abroad, to hail the chamans from asia or to worship the american indian. Some even end up in a sect praying Boudha, following the daily advices of men in orange. The topic here is not to against other nations’ foklore. Just let us stick to clothing. To the apparel of these dutch  youngsters of the early years after the war. Where they dressed up for this photo, merely posing? No, they were not. Even today in Bunschoten 2011, some older people are still wearing the tradionnal outfit on their way to the grocery store. They are the real ‘last of the Mohicans ‘, keeping their tribal ways alive in a world that ridicules them. To me their folklore is pure beauty.  Today’s clothing is made by slaves of cheap synthetics (petrol derived most of the time) to clothe other ‘just above’ slaves, feodal debtworkers as we are.  Two trends seem to be obvious. Natural materials have been banned in clothing, wool has been banned, linnen is scarce, hemp is forbidden and cotton becomes a rarity. Garments of organic material have the strange quality of becoming even more beautiful with wear. One of the reasons the men of the early 20th century were always dressed with style. Even children raised in the 70ties or 80ties still had more attitude than their 2011 counterpart, because of the natural touch of their clothing.. The average crowd that appears in a photo of a hundred years are always fine exemple of man or womankind, whilst the sight of any modern crowd at a concert or at Occupy Wallstreet deserves pity for style and comfort. Dressed in bags with advertisement. Even our fierce looking Rappers dress up in petrol apparel made and designed and manufactured under control of the same people they say to abhor (look up Tupac’s death). Dress codes are dictated by the chosen ones, the artists and comedians promoted by the System. Folklore had to be killed. It is part of the Plan. Next time you pass one of these latest living exemples in Volendam or Spakenburg (the Netherlands) of dressing counter currant, remember that you’re watching remnants of resistance to the world order of dressing in bags. Hats off to them (but you don’t own any hat anymore either whilst your stylish granddad or -mother had a collection!)

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With Arafat in 1992

Ce jour Mouammar est mort en héros le pistolet en or à la main. Il ne s’est pas enfui comme Hussein et il ne se fera pas pendre en public. Il ne se fera pas juger à La Haye par un cortège de pantins.  Non il est mort l’arme à la main. Il est quasi impossible de se faire une idée précise de Kadhafi depuis l’Europe. Toutes les images sont brouillées. De son vivant, et pas plus que tard qu’en juillet, on voyait les places publiques de la Lybie, comme à Syrte et à Tripoli, avec des milliers, non des millions d’habitants, fêtant leur guide suprême. Mais cela on ne nous l’a pas montré dans nos médias contrôlés. On nous montre les quelques dizaines de rebelles tirant leur MK42 en l’air de soulagement, mais rien de comparable à la liesse de jadis.

J’avoue que j’ai depuis longetemps une admiration pour Kadhafi. C’est mon infaillible soutien à l’eternel Underdog.  Rien que pour ces frasques et ses tenues vestimentaires, tribal mais rock & roll, Mouammar assurait.

Mouammar fut la vraie ‘fashion victim’. S’il s’était habillé comme tous les autres dictateurs des 80 autres pays de cette planète sous régime plus au moins dictatorial, il n’aurait pas eu le portrait robot du vilian idéal et les médias auraient, peut être été plus réticents à lâcher leurs messagers de guerre. Je persiste à penser que Sarkozy l’humiliation que Kaddafi lui avait infligé en 1997 était la raison du roi pour lui infliger la peine de mort.

Bernard Henry Levy, notre philosophe guerrier, a déjà anonçé, en pleine jouissance privée en terre promise, que la Syrie était la suivante sur la liste. 

Que reste il des crimes de Kaddhafi?

Le massacre de Benghazi…  Personne ne peut dire s’il ya eu 50, 100 ou 250 morts mais en tout cas jamais les 5000 ,qui sont l’oeuvre de pure proganda d’instigateurs de guerre comme les BHL et C°. Et jamais la force aérienne de Lybie n’a lancé des assauts contre sa propre population, ont confirmé l’armée russe.  Dès les 1ers affrontements Kaddahfi a proposé des négociations, l’Union Africaine a fait des propositions, Chavez s’est avancé en  négociateur, rien ny a fait, les « rebelles » étaient composés de trop de mercenaires, le fil fut tout tramé jusqu’à la mort du Guide à Syrte. L’Otan a été utilisé comme arme de guerre pour enforcer un leader qui ne lui convenait pas ou plus.

J’attends toujours les  crimes de Mouammar. Quel dommage qu’il n’ait pu s’en epxliquer à la Haye. Encore que Mladic à Kosovo… quelqu’un sait ce qu’il a dit pour se disculper ? Black out des médias encore.

Parmi les nombreux mensonges qui lui sont dédiés je lis le Viagra…

Mouammar donnait du Viagra pour que ces hommes violaient les femmes des rebelles, ou les rebelles, des témoins svp!

Pour les attentas de Lockerbie Mouammar a toujours nié, même si nos médias l’ont toujorus ervi comme le mal incarné. je me méfies toujours du moment qu’on me décrit le diable… notre livre d’histoire en est remplie, et on  sait à quel point les vancuers forgent son contenu…

Quoi qu’il ait fait, même si’l en a tué des centaines, ce Mouammar, est ce que cela méritait de mettre tout un pays en feu et à sang avec entre 30.000 et 50.000 morts selon les sources? De ne pas tenter une seule négociation sérieuse? Le débâcle en Lybie montre à quel point nous sommes jusqu’à la tête dans la moise, nos médias nous dictent quoi penser pour applaudir les exploits de nos forces armées savamment orchestrées depuis le City de Londres, Wallstreet et.. Neuilly.

Plus je lis sur le Guide Suprême et son livret vert, plus je vois la misère qu’attend le peuple lybien. Kaddhafi avait instauré tout une série de privilèges que son peuple n’est as prêt à retrouver. Et le continent africain a perdu le fondateur de l’union africaine, du 1er satelite africain, d’un début d’indépendance bancaire … Enfin renseignez vous sur le web, pour celui qui veut trouver… A se demander s’il n’a pas dû mourrir pour que le peuple européen n’en demande pas tant.

La question qui continue à se poser est comment un peuple qui sortait par millions pour acclamer (youtube crowd +  syrte + tripoli) son homme fort, comment est il venu à le lyncher? ourquoi le peuple acclame et lynche? Est ce que les lynchages sont toujours l’oeuvre de peu, mais qui font bien plus peur que les masses frileuses?  Attendons. Internet est couvert de messages de sympathie des Lybiens pour le Guide. Nous verrons par la suite si le nouveau Comité de Transition pourra gouverner ce peuple de tribus. Pour l’instant il est déjà installé la charria islamique comme ce fut le cas en Tunésie et en Egypte.

Un grand bond en avant ce printemps arabe….

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My first blogpost

The genuine crank is the one who refuses to debate his opponents, who arrogantly dismisses their arguments and denies their credibility…….. who approves of the suppression of opinion different from his own, who typically appeals to authority or consensus rather than to facts and logic, whose emotional temperature rises noticeably in the presence of embarrassing counter-arguments, and, above all, who typically labels his opponents as ‘cranks’. In contrast, the genuine truth seeker is one who is eager for debate, who is courteous to his opponents, who remains calm in the face of counter-arguments, who does not seek to silence anyone, and above all who does not describe his opponents with epithets, particularly including ‘crank’, altho their behavior may strongly suggest the aptness of the description.

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