Thoughts on politics, history, music, nature and german shepperds. The author of these pages is from dutch origin, living abroad in ‘a’ country unspecified as freedom of speech is not allowed on its territory.  Depending on my mood and the subject I can post in German, Dutch, French or English.

The name of my blog de laastste wisent means  ‘the last european bison’ (le dernier wisent, der letzte Wisent). The wisent was to the old german tribes, who roamed the forests and badlands of Germania,  what the buffalo once was to the plains Indians. Whilst the american bison has been restored to confortable numbers and is visible in every statepark and palatable in every steakhouse, his european brother has not regained the respect he deserves. This reflects the state of mind of many europeans, already unworthy of their past, our people don’t realise the greatness of their still existing natural environment. They sell out a heritage of 10000 years  for short term profit and high tech gadgets. As such the wisent stands as a totem for my blog.  My blog will be a humble contribution in the struggle against the totalitarian political correctness in the year 2011. My posts are related to the promotion of freedom of speech, which is currently suppressed in Europe, I will advocate the study of history and try to see behind the lines of our headlines in politics and world affairs.  Please contradict me, I enjoy debate as much as sex!  But be aware, I only bow in respect to our ancestors, our remaining traditions and the cultural heritage of Europe.

Warning : this blog is politically uncorrect and this is not just a mere fancy statement. If you wish to obide the official doctrine please do leave now.



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