RAMMSTEIN and Lady Gaga, more of the same?

In the Rolling Stone magazine issue of march there is an interesting interview with the members of Rammstein. I was a huge fan of this group, but maybe not for the right reasons. I just thought this group was the climax of sound white discomplexed rock music. Proud to rock, and hard, …. proud to be german, proud to be white in short. Just take a glance at the stadiums they fill in every country with a 99,99% white audience. Another trivia for our multicultrickters : rock and heavy rock is white only, please explain why people don’t mix while out on communion.  Anyway I digress, Rammstein sure did me some ear damage as I  listen to it way too loud, yes bringing distorzion to my carspeakers.
They sure are the greatest rock band on earth with the most amazing theatrical and pyrotechnicnical show one can imagine.
But here comes the cold water splash. They are not what I thought they were. Rammstein carries an image with them of german neonazis.

It is not just their logo, nor their Lederhosen, neither the apparent Fûhrer position in which singer Till Lindeman watches the crowd much to their exctiment. It is not even the use of Frau Lena Riefensthals footage form the 1936 Olympics of Berlin for the clipped STRIPPED. It is simply the power they generate, the pure tribal and etnical nordic strength that comes with their rythm and their chords, their way of posing, it is all related to germanic pride. This is why their success is tremendous in all countries which still have nationalist movements.  Even in Paris they sold out twice Bercy with total blackout from the media for an all white public of wild young guns. Watch this video for their Volkerball performance in Nimes (France), even in their mass invaded area of France, an all white public was cheering in the roman arena.

But Rammstein appears to be just an empty shell. Just image. No content. Empty provocation, while cheating using nordic symbolism. I used to think that the name Rammstein itself was a huge middle finger to the american occupation of their country, naming their band to the air base of the 86th US airborne division. Not anymore. The symbol inversed.




This is what singer Till Lindeman states in RS «  We hate nazis. Our reply to all these accustations was the song Links 2,3,4 where we clearly state that our heart is on the left » (links). Now far from me to think that they were, or that they have to be neo nazis.  But Links 2.3.4 could be interpretated both ways as national socialism is… very on the left! Even if your media will tell you nazis are right wing extremists, Hitlers dogm was pure socialism, socialism without internationalism under regulated captitalism in the interest of the nation, without bankster oppression.. in a nutshell. That plus, hélas, a certain opinion on jews, but I digress again.

From the most political incorrect band in the world I expected some more guts before giving in so easily to the demands of the Empire and the Judea crew of the Rolling Stone magazine so to speak. 

What follows is Lindemann and guitarist Richard Krupse expressing regrets of the good things that passed from the…..communist era of the RDA where they grew up. You get it? Rammstein can just state that it regrets the communist period, or at least a part of it, from a system that sent several million german Volksdeutschen to their death in 1945 in soviet goulags, that oppressed half of Europe for 50 years, that murdered millions of Ukranians in 1933, and even more millions of white russians right after the judeobolshevists grabbed power in 1917…  Yes, referring to a system that killed 30 million plus, not counting China is OK. But any thoughts on national socialism which killed way less (or maybe very little depending on if you believe in fairytales or real history) and your damned  in our media. But communism, that jewish invention, is cool for Rammstein.  Now In understand why they can keep on playing big stadia and make the covers of jewish magazines. They are part of the system.

The immense crowds in stadia, lauding Hitler who got them from misery to full employment in just 4 years, are not unrelated to the hysteria that Rammstein now experiences on their world tours. Their grateful audience finally has a way to express it self in a tribal etnic way of cheering. Anyone who is blind to this and believes it is just Rammsteins power chords that make the difference from the thousands other metal bands, is brainwashed too far to sense any etnic vibes coming from the joy of an undivided community in place and time, albeit just for two hours of concert.

Untill now I thought Ramsstein were just the smartest asses in the world, not to get caught in any antisemitic or nationalist bann, while at the same time giving their public exactly the nationalistic inspiration they were looking for.  For instance when they sing « Mein Land », it is obvious that any basic fan will cut the « Mein Strand »(my beach) part of the chorus, making it an outright  war song live without the Malibu beach video.  Apparently I was wrong.
Till Lindemann only regrets that « there is Halloween in Germany now« . This is his only anti system statement in the whole interview…   It is sad indeed. I thought they were too smart, state of the art artists that surfed in a pool of piranhas. But not only they ignore their own real history, they are more political correct than Celine Zion!
Leaves us with a bunch of fakers that just uses all the material they can get from nordic etnical expression in rock music to accompany their clueless shocking with non sense.

Without any content they are just another Lady Gaga. It leaves us with a gigantic firework for sodomy, sadomasochism, and homosexuality on stage, in a mix of blood, gigantic sextoys and angel wings, a celebration of the synagogue fo Satan live in concert. With no further depth then meaningless provocation, empty symbolism for the dumb. The same depraved bullshit that was all over their country after WW1. Maybe they do it on purpose, just as Lady Gaga has to sing praise about Judas.  The most political correct thing to do in a world with medias dominated by jews is exactly what Rammstein is doing.

Rammstein, I can’t help enjoying your music.  The songs, the heavy guitars just rule and you surely contributed to make people listen to the german language again,  and certainly gave some hope to white youngsters without an idol. In short, to keep them away from Lady Gaga, Madonna, Bieber and the rest of Kaballistic domination of the music industry. But for the moment I advice to skip the visual part of Rammstein untill further scrutiny. 

Rammstein can fill concerts without the media, and doesn’t have to waggle tails to the System. And the european youth does not need fake elderly  antifas now, and certainly not an act  that has stolen the symbols to attract, then subvert its public even more.
Anyway, their fans use their music as they please. Till should know that it is not his lyrics but the marching boots that make fans hysterical on Links 2.3.4. As they know what is good for them.

The band as pregnant women,  more clueless shocking made by Rammstein without a message.


A propos wolfgang

the wisent is the european bison. it was a sacred animal for the old european northern tribes. it has sought refugee in the last forests of Poland and White Russia. he is our exemple of white resistance.
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