The biggest unknown disaster on the sea or who cares about 9500 dead germans.

On the 31 january of 1945 thousands of ethnic germans (Volksdeutschen) boarded on a large vessel, the Wilhelm Gustlof. Among them  4000 children! The rest were women and injured Wehrmacht soldiers. All were fleeing the retreating german front on the East were the savage hordes of the Red Army where retaliating in bitter revenge. Rape and murder of civilians were ordered by Stalin and his partisans. The ethnic cleansing of 1/3 of german original territory had begun. Hundreds of thousands of Volksdeutschen were herded from east to west in snow and ice, many were shot into the water by the russian airforce while advancing on the icy Baltic coast , watch it on video here. Today it is 67 years ago.  But these were germans. No memorial and no commemorations.  Almost 10.000 innocent germans board hoping to join the secure boards of the old Reich, still believing Berlin could not fall.

Boarding in Gotenhafen (now Gdynia in ethnically cleansed Poland), they were hoping to land in Kiel, cruising the icy gulf of Danzig, where a russian submarine, commanded by Alexander Marinesko was following its trace. 4 torpedoes were sufficient to hammer the largest load of passengers into the horrors of death in the ice-cold northern waters. Only 1200 were saved by german boats hurried in for the rescue of the passengers on the few emergency vessels available. In one hour 9500 dead germans. 6 times the Titanic And nobody who has heard about it.

Why is it that the sinking of the Titanic  with ‘only’ 1450 passengers had tons of books and films and the sinking of the Gustolf is hardly known?

The Gustolf was NOT a warship. It was an old cruise ship untill 1939 the  that was confiscated by the navy as a hospital ship. In the 30′ this ship was used in the Kraft durch Freude (strength through joy) program of the nation socialists. Germans were travelling all around Europe on pleasant cruises. Hey they were the first Europeans with paid holidays and 40 hour workweeks after all…






Now why don’t you know about this? Not one little Hollywood movie, nothing. Let me think..  O yeah I got it, it it the fault of the germans. It is all their fault. They deserved it. Or was it that they were just ordinary citizens, not the american jet set from Hollywood out on a cruise on a luxury ship? Guilt ridden germans still don’t dare to commemorate their war victims, albeit civilians. germany is still an occupied country with hundreds of thousands american soldiers on its territory. 

It resembles a bit the blitzkrieg, the bombing of Great Britain caused the death of 50.000 britains, horrible and this is what we recall. Briton civilians were mostly killed when german aircraft were on mission of destroying industry and harbours.  When over 500.000 germans died in allied phosphor bombings, purely aimed at civilians (with the explicit greeting from Churchill), causing more than 10 times the death toll of the british victims, nobody cares or ignores it… they, the germans  ‘deserved’  it, and the medai won’t tell about it.  ‘History’ is not only written by those who vanquished, and it will never be ‘revised’ under controlled mediaEurope is still occupied. Don’t try to shed a tear for 10.000 drowned germans, they label you as fascist. Deal with it, germanic deaths don’t count. Got it?

I hope russian commander Alexander Marinesko has slept well for the rest of his life. The ‘fortunate’ commander of the soviet submarine had another big hit only 10 days later… He sank another german boat, the Steuben, this time 4500 passengers drowned, still 3 times the Titanic, and nobody cares or knows. Almost singlehandely sending 15.000 Volksdeutchsen to a massgrave on the Baltic sea in 10 days, this puts him certainly in the top 10 killer list of all time! This is a postcard from Russia, in 1972, still celebrating…

You can read more on the Wilhem Gustolf here.


A propos wolfgang

the wisent is the european bison. it was a sacred animal for the old european northern tribes. it has sought refugee in the last forests of Poland and White Russia. he is our exemple of white resistance.
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