How to make your kitchen Illuminati free.

2011 was the year I finally threw out all my magic frying pans with no stick formula. When you have a Tefal pan, it can easily be cleaned and food can be baked without sticking. And as always when something is too good to be true, some nasty downsides appear…  

I had been aware for some years I had to dive into the subject, but somehow I postponed my pan change for later. Naively buying the best Tefal ones, hoping that they would scratch less but they didn’t. Indeed it costed me several evenings to work through the subject, which pan, what material etc. Cooking has been made complicated on purpose. Average supermarkets offer only Tefal pans. The trap is set.  This post can get you out there real quick.

Tefal pans appear quite fragile and, when touched with metal, get scratched and lose their magic cover.  Normally you should replace those pans. Even, Dupont warns you about this. Normally. But nobody does it, as they scratch so easily you would need a fresh pan every month. So you stay with an open mine of very dirty chemicals, baking your food in it! Teflon is made by the Dupont company. Dupont is one of those nice companies who have made the world a better place. Just like that other world company Monsanto, started by a jewish family with the same name, who made their money in slavery, Dupont, an obscure french family with royal ties around the globe, made its fortune through war and gunpowder. Just look it up on the internet, Dupont is big since the end of the 18th century. When people mention Freemasons or Illuminati, the Dupont dynasty is never far away.  When you smoke a cigarette, fire a gun, fry a meal or get medicine, you’re ringing Dupont’s cashier.  They are losing ground  in the US with their magic pans, some inhabitants close to their factories, some individual customers also, seem to have won lawsuits over them.  In response Dupont has planned to replace the incriminated chemicals by… 2015.. with.. other chemicals, and people will sue them for those again 2 decades later, all part of the their old business technique.

Throw these pans in your chemical waste bin!

Even if a pan is not scratched they are giving of molecules that you would not like in your body. Birds have been told to die when kept in a kitchen next to a frying Tefal pan. Blood tests can separate Tefal users from non users… It is not impossible that Dupont will become a bigger a scandal as asbestos (amiante for my french readers). All our brain synapses caugth in PTFT, not very sticky! Teflon is a nice word for polytétrafluoréthylène, it is full of fluorides, which come off after 400°C,  normally. Have a look on wikipedia for the chemical structure and the beautiful strain of undegradable chemicals that Dupont spreads in  our bodies and atsmophere.  The same shit in a solid state that comes out of the sparys you use to make you bicycle chain glide,  stick… PTFT is also in teflon and gore-tex. Once scratched you add the underlying aluminium and other components to the unhealthy mix.

The solution is simple though. Buy some old steel frying pans. Don’t go for so called ecological ceramic pans (the whites ones, that scratch even faster than tefal), they are not much better, full of silicone and other unknown chemicals, made in China, with green labels to make you more confused .  Just stick with these.

Iron or stainless steel. Pans with nothing, only iron, that gives of some ..iron, and most people are lacking it (in doubt check with your doctor if such is your case, pregnant women etc).   

And now for another miracle…. these pans actually don’t stick!  Another consumer lie that has become truth by just repeating it. With a bit of dexterity, a little bit more oil and attention (motre gradually heating),  stainless steel and iron pans are just simply wonderful.

Even better, and much to my surprise, these pans are still made in Europe.. In Spain, France and Germany (price goes upward in the same direction as you’re reading). Brands like DeBuyer, LeCreuset, Fissler, Matfer, Campo apparently managed to survive the programmed destruction of  european industrie.

Those pans will also save you a lot of money, at the same price tag as a high ‘quality’ Tefal pan, you have a good steel pan.  Durable, some will last a life time. And a chance to make your kitchen less dependant from those Illuminated companies. If it will improve your health, well I guess for those who have cooked all their life with those pans, the braincells are sticky already… So do it for the kids.  I’ve red PTFT is the only material a geckos foot won’t adhere to.  Smart geckos.


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the wisent is the european bison. it was a sacred animal for the old european northern tribes. it has sought refugee in the last forests of Poland and White Russia. he is our exemple of white resistance.
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