Signs say more than words

If you wish to understand the world, you have to understand this sign. Every week you have horrendous images on your TV screen about the Nazi concentration camps. Hundreds of thousands of people died a horrible death in those camps. Who can deny this?  The only existing pictures of dead bodies however are mostly from only 3 camps : Bergen Belsen, Ohrdruf and Dachau.  The dead bodies that one would expect in Treblinka, Sobibor, Chelmno, Auschwitz and Majdanek, all those infamous places, had either been burned and buried (or buried, dug up and then burned, nobody really knows), in fact they dissappeared. The famous pile of bodies in Ohrdruf was just a ‘small’ one of  50 bodies, put up for Eisenhower’s inspection,  which is little given the circonstances in those last days of the war on all sides. In Dachau it were not dead bodies of the prisoners of the camp itself that were found (they were actually in good shape) but the bodies of those who died on the horrible ‘death train’ from Buchenwald, and had just came in. You can read more about who was responsible for this death train on this reputed website.  But the sign of the Bergen Belsen camp, that was liberated by the British forces has more than one clue to the holocaust story. This is the place with the most horrible images of human history.  Piles of starved bodies bulldozered in mass graves.  Everyone who sees it, has them engraved on his hard disk forever and will be warned for life of the dangers of german supremacy.  The bulldozers you see in action on this horrible footage were manoevred by the british troops by the way, the more unfortunate SS guards, male and female, and the local german population were forced by the allies to move the bodies barehandedly. Not without risk. But hey, who cares those SS guards had to be hung anyway. The Bergen Belsen sign says : ‘10.000 unburied dead were found here, 13.000 died since’. So what secret weapon had the germans arranged for  in those camps that they killed even more people after the liberation… ?  Maybe it had something to do with this other sign from Auschwitz… « Eine Laus dein Tod » (one louse your death)  This was painted on many places, in the undressing rooms and showers.  Yet another weird habit of those terrible germans, scaring the inmates even more, the poor victims who were facing a horrible death already. So cruel to mock their victims with those signs, warning for diseases such as Typhus that supposedly killed with just one louse….


A propos wolfgang

the wisent is the european bison. it was a sacred animal for the old european northern tribes. it has sought refugee in the last forests of Poland and White Russia. he is our exemple of white resistance.
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