How the Kazhars run the french army.

This summer the president of France Nicolas sarkozy has decided to renew the old frenchmade drones for a new model, named MALE (moyene altidutde longue endurancre.. you got the message). The drone is the ‘spearhead’ of the french army in terms of information research on the enemy and even futur warfare as the more ‘civilized’ countries prefer to destroy the enemy from a very long distance, the very latest finding to make war immoral. Untill here nothing new. The european and american competition has been outplayed by a joint venture of Dassault Aviation and… Israel Aerospace Industries… The drones are build with the exclusion of being used in the middle East close to Israel. Now that comes in handy.  Do I have to develop this topic any further to make your eyeballs roll? Not only  is it a most ridiculous move to adapt an israelian model for obvious strategical reasons  (Israel owning acces to the source of the information of the french army), it is also another industrial sell-out,  another move to build up riches in Israel with french taxpayers’ money while jeopardizing european job saving endeavours. I’ve only red on this contract on very informative internet blogs of specialists, nothing in the mainstream media. Do I have to point out that Serge Dassault’s real name is Bloch? Yes from Jewish German descent, like  president  Sarkozy is of Jewish Hungaryan descent. How to transfer even more money from the french slaves towards Israel and make at the same time their army inoperative in capacity of information gathering.  A secure step to prevent the already hypothetical event of a french attack on Israel (well you can never be too sure with Marine LePen scoring high in coming election polls).  Even on army strategical blogs people are talking about the pros and cons of model choice but none is getting the big picture, nobody wants to speak up.  And through the mainstream media the people are kept dumb and dumber.  Do you get how the System works?

Yes they did not print his face for nothing on a stamp to celebrate the victory of their tribe over France!


A propos wolfgang

the wisent is the european bison. it was a sacred animal for the old european northern tribes. it has sought refugee in the last forests of Poland and White Russia. he is our exemple of white resistance.
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