In memory of the sharp dressed man (or woman).

Bunschoten 1953 the Netherlands, 4 beautiful dutch girls in original Bunschoten apparel. Our cultural dictators have proclaimed it a deed of citizenship to show irrespect to every form of european heritage. When I was a kid already (in the 70ties) , the only tune I saw on TV or heard at school was that tradition was backward and that farmers were more or less idiots. This is and was the cool attitude, spit on your heritage and consider yourself a free man. At the same time we are obliged, to sing in the political correct medley of praising tribal folklore from abroad, to hail the chamans from asia or to worship the american indian. Some even end up in a sect praying Boudha, following the daily advices of men in orange. The topic here is not to against other nations’ foklore. Just let us stick to clothing. To the apparel of these dutch  youngsters of the early years after the war. Where they dressed up for this photo, merely posing? No, they were not. Even today in Bunschoten 2011, some older people are still wearing the tradionnal outfit on their way to the grocery store. They are the real ‘last of the Mohicans ‘, keeping their tribal ways alive in a world that ridicules them. To me their folklore is pure beauty.  Today’s clothing is made by slaves of cheap synthetics (petrol derived most of the time) to clothe other ‘just above’ slaves, feodal debtworkers as we are.  Two trends seem to be obvious. Natural materials have been banned in clothing, wool has been banned, linnen is scarce, hemp is forbidden and cotton becomes a rarity. Garments of organic material have the strange quality of becoming even more beautiful with wear. One of the reasons the men of the early 20th century were always dressed with style. Even children raised in the 70ties or 80ties still had more attitude than their 2011 counterpart, because of the natural touch of their clothing.. The average crowd that appears in a photo of a hundred years are always fine exemple of man or womankind, whilst the sight of any modern crowd at a concert or at Occupy Wallstreet deserves pity for style and comfort. Dressed in bags with advertisement. Even our fierce looking Rappers dress up in petrol apparel made and designed and manufactured under control of the same people they say to abhor (look up Tupac’s death). Dress codes are dictated by the chosen ones, the artists and comedians promoted by the System. Folklore had to be killed. It is part of the Plan. Next time you pass one of these latest living exemples in Volendam or Spakenburg (the Netherlands) of dressing counter currant, remember that you’re watching remnants of resistance to the world order of dressing in bags. Hats off to them (but you don’t own any hat anymore either whilst your stylish granddad or -mother had a collection!)


A propos wolfgang

the wisent is the european bison. it was a sacred animal for the old european northern tribes. it has sought refugee in the last forests of Poland and White Russia. he is our exemple of white resistance.
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