Sur ces éléctions françaises de 2012 truquées…

En 2002, Jean Marie LePen, qui avait été diabolisé par les médias à un point que la plupart des français n’osaient même pas voter pour lui dans leurs rêves, avait totalisé 16,9% des voix. Bruno Megret, son ex adjudant mais FN pur et dur aussi, faisait à ses mêmes élections, 2.3%. Total 19,2%. Voir le total ici

En 2012, après 4 ans de crise financière, avec un million de chômeurs en plus, avec 8 millions d’immigrés en plus, juste après les meurtres de Toulouse  et le scandale de la viande Hallal partout, la jolie Marine Le Pen, version FN2012 adoucie totalise… 18,9% des voix. Hocus Pocus Talmudicus!

Quand je me promène dans mon village, contrairement à 2002, tout le monde commence  à exprimer ouvertement sa sympathie pour le Front National. A part parmi mes amis bobos sur Facebook je peine même à trouver des sympathisants de gauche ou de Sarkozy, dans la vraie vie. Bien qu’il y ait une frange importante de gens qui n’oseront jamais voter selon leurs idées patriottes « de peur de »,  ou de l’inculqué  « ils sont tous pourris », cela ne peut expliquer cette stagnation totale des voix FN.

marine a de serieux atouts!

Qui plus est Marine Le Pen a joué le tout pour le tout pour obtenir la dédiabolisation des médias quitte à lécher les bottes en Israél. Rien n’y a fait. Elle restera la fille du fils spirituel d’Adolph si on en crôit nos médias et bobos bien pensants, ou une femme de bon sens si on entend les voix dans la rue, c’est selon vos sources, zionistes ou populaires. Mais qu’elle reste la fille du diable pour tous les commentateurs à la télé et à la radio, sous peine de ex-communication, ne peut expliquer un si faible score. Le peuple a compris cette combine, enfin on pouvait l’espérer face à leurs problèmes réels, de ne plus tomber dans ce piège aussi simpliste par nos médias.

Oui cette Jeanne d’Arc des temps modernes qui a connu une vie de crachats méritera une statue si jamais le peuple revient au pouvoir pour avoir fait autant d’efforts.

En attendant j’ai compris et je prépare mes valises pour la Finlande. Les dés sont encore plus pipés qu’on ne le pensait en France. Car un tel écart entre ce que je vois autour de moi, et les conséquences logiques sociétales des crises que nous traversons avec ce petit 20% du FN2012 ne s’expliquent pas autrement.

Soit les votes électroniques ont été manipulés en masse par ceux qu’on ne peut pas nommer, soit le nombre d’immigrés naturalisés et qui vote en masse PS est beaucoup plus élévé qu’on ne veuille bien nous dire. Ou une combinaison des 2. Dans les 2 cas c’est fini pour la France. Les sans papiers seront régularisés par François Hollande. Les immigrés pourront voter aux élections dès 2017. 

Après un siècle de lutte la dictature bolsheviste universaliste des judeo francmaçons est en place. La prise de pouvoir fut entièrement réalisée par leur prise possession réelle des médias et leur indoctrination des idées de l’école de Francfurt après 1945.   Toute idée patriotte condamnée. Toute nostalgie d’une culture de 3000 ans sera cataloguée raciste ou antisemite, case prison. Quid de la population de souche? Préparez-vous à votre société du métissage forcé où tout le monde mangera heureux Hallal chez MacDo. Un pays où tout le monde consommera les produits des -, et travaillera pour les- world compagnies et sera esclave des banquiers ad eternam.  Où tout le monde se métissera sauf eux.

Le tour est joué. Adieu la France. Faites vos valises. Mais dépêchez-vous. Restent plus que la Finlande, l’Islande, la Hongrie et la Littuanie à l’abri des hordes de vengeance. Marine priera pour vous.

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Elections en France, french elections

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RAMMSTEIN and Lady Gaga, more of the same?

In the Rolling Stone magazine issue of march there is an interesting interview with the members of Rammstein. I was a huge fan of this group, but maybe not for the right reasons. I just thought this group was the climax of sound white discomplexed rock music. Proud to rock, and hard, …. proud to be german, proud to be white in short. Just take a glance at the stadiums they fill in every country with a 99,99% white audience. Another trivia for our multicultrickters : rock and heavy rock is white only, please explain why people don’t mix while out on communion.  Anyway I digress, Rammstein sure did me some ear damage as I  listen to it way too loud, yes bringing distorzion to my carspeakers.
They sure are the greatest rock band on earth with the most amazing theatrical and pyrotechnicnical show one can imagine.
But here comes the cold water splash. They are not what I thought they were. Rammstein carries an image with them of german neonazis.

It is not just their logo, nor their Lederhosen, neither the apparent Fûhrer position in which singer Till Lindeman watches the crowd much to their exctiment. It is not even the use of Frau Lena Riefensthals footage form the 1936 Olympics of Berlin for the clipped STRIPPED. It is simply the power they generate, the pure tribal and etnical nordic strength that comes with their rythm and their chords, their way of posing, it is all related to germanic pride. This is why their success is tremendous in all countries which still have nationalist movements.  Even in Paris they sold out twice Bercy with total blackout from the media for an all white public of wild young guns. Watch this video for their Volkerball performance in Nimes (France), even in their mass invaded area of France, an all white public was cheering in the roman arena.

But Rammstein appears to be just an empty shell. Just image. No content. Empty provocation, while cheating using nordic symbolism. I used to think that the name Rammstein itself was a huge middle finger to the american occupation of their country, naming their band to the air base of the 86th US airborne division. Not anymore. The symbol inversed.




This is what singer Till Lindeman states in RS «  We hate nazis. Our reply to all these accustations was the song Links 2,3,4 where we clearly state that our heart is on the left » (links). Now far from me to think that they were, or that they have to be neo nazis.  But Links 2.3.4 could be interpretated both ways as national socialism is… very on the left! Even if your media will tell you nazis are right wing extremists, Hitlers dogm was pure socialism, socialism without internationalism under regulated captitalism in the interest of the nation, without bankster oppression.. in a nutshell. That plus, hélas, a certain opinion on jews, but I digress again.

From the most political incorrect band in the world I expected some more guts before giving in so easily to the demands of the Empire and the Judea crew of the Rolling Stone magazine so to speak. 

What follows is Lindemann and guitarist Richard Krupse expressing regrets of the good things that passed from the…..communist era of the RDA where they grew up. You get it? Rammstein can just state that it regrets the communist period, or at least a part of it, from a system that sent several million german Volksdeutschen to their death in 1945 in soviet goulags, that oppressed half of Europe for 50 years, that murdered millions of Ukranians in 1933, and even more millions of white russians right after the judeobolshevists grabbed power in 1917…  Yes, referring to a system that killed 30 million plus, not counting China is OK. But any thoughts on national socialism which killed way less (or maybe very little depending on if you believe in fairytales or real history) and your damned  in our media. But communism, that jewish invention, is cool for Rammstein.  Now In understand why they can keep on playing big stadia and make the covers of jewish magazines. They are part of the system.

The immense crowds in stadia, lauding Hitler who got them from misery to full employment in just 4 years, are not unrelated to the hysteria that Rammstein now experiences on their world tours. Their grateful audience finally has a way to express it self in a tribal etnic way of cheering. Anyone who is blind to this and believes it is just Rammsteins power chords that make the difference from the thousands other metal bands, is brainwashed too far to sense any etnic vibes coming from the joy of an undivided community in place and time, albeit just for two hours of concert.

Untill now I thought Ramsstein were just the smartest asses in the world, not to get caught in any antisemitic or nationalist bann, while at the same time giving their public exactly the nationalistic inspiration they were looking for.  For instance when they sing « Mein Land », it is obvious that any basic fan will cut the « Mein Strand »(my beach) part of the chorus, making it an outright  war song live without the Malibu beach video.  Apparently I was wrong.
Till Lindemann only regrets that « there is Halloween in Germany now« . This is his only anti system statement in the whole interview…   It is sad indeed. I thought they were too smart, state of the art artists that surfed in a pool of piranhas. But not only they ignore their own real history, they are more political correct than Celine Zion!
Leaves us with a bunch of fakers that just uses all the material they can get from nordic etnical expression in rock music to accompany their clueless shocking with non sense.

Without any content they are just another Lady Gaga. It leaves us with a gigantic firework for sodomy, sadomasochism, and homosexuality on stage, in a mix of blood, gigantic sextoys and angel wings, a celebration of the synagogue fo Satan live in concert. With no further depth then meaningless provocation, empty symbolism for the dumb. The same depraved bullshit that was all over their country after WW1. Maybe they do it on purpose, just as Lady Gaga has to sing praise about Judas.  The most political correct thing to do in a world with medias dominated by jews is exactly what Rammstein is doing.

Rammstein, I can’t help enjoying your music.  The songs, the heavy guitars just rule and you surely contributed to make people listen to the german language again,  and certainly gave some hope to white youngsters without an idol. In short, to keep them away from Lady Gaga, Madonna, Bieber and the rest of Kaballistic domination of the music industry. But for the moment I advice to skip the visual part of Rammstein untill further scrutiny. 

Rammstein can fill concerts without the media, and doesn’t have to waggle tails to the System. And the european youth does not need fake elderly  antifas now, and certainly not an act  that has stolen the symbols to attract, then subvert its public even more.
Anyway, their fans use their music as they please. Till should know that it is not his lyrics but the marching boots that make fans hysterical on Links 2.3.4. As they know what is good for them.

The band as pregnant women,  more clueless shocking made by Rammstein without a message.

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The biggest unknown disaster on the sea or who cares about 9500 dead germans.

On the 31 january of 1945 thousands of ethnic germans (Volksdeutschen) boarded on a large vessel, the Wilhelm Gustlof. Among them  4000 children! The rest were women and injured Wehrmacht soldiers. All were fleeing the retreating german front on the East were the savage hordes of the Red Army where retaliating in bitter revenge. Rape and murder of civilians were ordered by Stalin and his partisans. The ethnic cleansing of 1/3 of german original territory had begun. Hundreds of thousands of Volksdeutschen were herded from east to west in snow and ice, many were shot into the water by the russian airforce while advancing on the icy Baltic coast , watch it on video here. Today it is 67 years ago.  But these were germans. No memorial and no commemorations.  Almost 10.000 innocent germans board hoping to join the secure boards of the old Reich, still believing Berlin could not fall.

Boarding in Gotenhafen (now Gdynia in ethnically cleansed Poland), they were hoping to land in Kiel, cruising the icy gulf of Danzig, where a russian submarine, commanded by Alexander Marinesko was following its trace. 4 torpedoes were sufficient to hammer the largest load of passengers into the horrors of death in the ice-cold northern waters. Only 1200 were saved by german boats hurried in for the rescue of the passengers on the few emergency vessels available. In one hour 9500 dead germans. 6 times the Titanic And nobody who has heard about it.

Why is it that the sinking of the Titanic  with ‘only’ 1450 passengers had tons of books and films and the sinking of the Gustolf is hardly known?

The Gustolf was NOT a warship. It was an old cruise ship untill 1939 the  that was confiscated by the navy as a hospital ship. In the 30′ this ship was used in the Kraft durch Freude (strength through joy) program of the nation socialists. Germans were travelling all around Europe on pleasant cruises. Hey they were the first Europeans with paid holidays and 40 hour workweeks after all…






Now why don’t you know about this? Not one little Hollywood movie, nothing. Let me think..  O yeah I got it, it it the fault of the germans. It is all their fault. They deserved it. Or was it that they were just ordinary citizens, not the american jet set from Hollywood out on a cruise on a luxury ship? Guilt ridden germans still don’t dare to commemorate their war victims, albeit civilians. germany is still an occupied country with hundreds of thousands american soldiers on its territory. 

It resembles a bit the blitzkrieg, the bombing of Great Britain caused the death of 50.000 britains, horrible and this is what we recall. Briton civilians were mostly killed when german aircraft were on mission of destroying industry and harbours.  When over 500.000 germans died in allied phosphor bombings, purely aimed at civilians (with the explicit greeting from Churchill), causing more than 10 times the death toll of the british victims, nobody cares or ignores it… they, the germans  ‘deserved’  it, and the medai won’t tell about it.  ‘History’ is not only written by those who vanquished, and it will never be ‘revised’ under controlled mediaEurope is still occupied. Don’t try to shed a tear for 10.000 drowned germans, they label you as fascist. Deal with it, germanic deaths don’t count. Got it?

I hope russian commander Alexander Marinesko has slept well for the rest of his life. The ‘fortunate’ commander of the soviet submarine had another big hit only 10 days later… He sank another german boat, the Steuben, this time 4500 passengers drowned, still 3 times the Titanic, and nobody cares or knows. Almost singlehandely sending 15.000 Volksdeutchsen to a massgrave on the Baltic sea in 10 days, this puts him certainly in the top 10 killer list of all time! This is a postcard from Russia, in 1972, still celebrating…

You can read more on the Wilhem Gustolf here.

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How to make your kitchen Illuminati free.

2011 was the year I finally threw out all my magic frying pans with no stick formula. When you have a Tefal pan, it can easily be cleaned and food can be baked without sticking. And as always when something is too good to be true, some nasty downsides appear…  

I had been aware for some years I had to dive into the subject, but somehow I postponed my pan change for later. Naively buying the best Tefal ones, hoping that they would scratch less but they didn’t. Indeed it costed me several evenings to work through the subject, which pan, what material etc. Cooking has been made complicated on purpose. Average supermarkets offer only Tefal pans. The trap is set.  This post can get you out there real quick.

Tefal pans appear quite fragile and, when touched with metal, get scratched and lose their magic cover.  Normally you should replace those pans. Even, Dupont warns you about this. Normally. But nobody does it, as they scratch so easily you would need a fresh pan every month. So you stay with an open mine of very dirty chemicals, baking your food in it! Teflon is made by the Dupont company. Dupont is one of those nice companies who have made the world a better place. Just like that other world company Monsanto, started by a jewish family with the same name, who made their money in slavery, Dupont, an obscure french family with royal ties around the globe, made its fortune through war and gunpowder. Just look it up on the internet, Dupont is big since the end of the 18th century. When people mention Freemasons or Illuminati, the Dupont dynasty is never far away.  When you smoke a cigarette, fire a gun, fry a meal or get medicine, you’re ringing Dupont’s cashier.  They are losing ground  in the US with their magic pans, some inhabitants close to their factories, some individual customers also, seem to have won lawsuits over them.  In response Dupont has planned to replace the incriminated chemicals by… 2015.. with.. other chemicals, and people will sue them for those again 2 decades later, all part of the their old business technique.

Throw these pans in your chemical waste bin!

Even if a pan is not scratched they are giving of molecules that you would not like in your body. Birds have been told to die when kept in a kitchen next to a frying Tefal pan. Blood tests can separate Tefal users from non users… It is not impossible that Dupont will become a bigger a scandal as asbestos (amiante for my french readers). All our brain synapses caugth in PTFT, not very sticky! Teflon is a nice word for polytétrafluoréthylène, it is full of fluorides, which come off after 400°C,  normally. Have a look on wikipedia for the chemical structure and the beautiful strain of undegradable chemicals that Dupont spreads in  our bodies and atsmophere.  The same shit in a solid state that comes out of the sparys you use to make you bicycle chain glide,  stick… PTFT is also in teflon and gore-tex. Once scratched you add the underlying aluminium and other components to the unhealthy mix.

The solution is simple though. Buy some old steel frying pans. Don’t go for so called ecological ceramic pans (the whites ones, that scratch even faster than tefal), they are not much better, full of silicone and other unknown chemicals, made in China, with green labels to make you more confused .  Just stick with these.

Iron or stainless steel. Pans with nothing, only iron, that gives of some ..iron, and most people are lacking it (in doubt check with your doctor if such is your case, pregnant women etc).   

And now for another miracle…. these pans actually don’t stick!  Another consumer lie that has become truth by just repeating it. With a bit of dexterity, a little bit more oil and attention (motre gradually heating),  stainless steel and iron pans are just simply wonderful.

Even better, and much to my surprise, these pans are still made in Europe.. In Spain, France and Germany (price goes upward in the same direction as you’re reading). Brands like DeBuyer, LeCreuset, Fissler, Matfer, Campo apparently managed to survive the programmed destruction of  european industrie.

Those pans will also save you a lot of money, at the same price tag as a high ‘quality’ Tefal pan, you have a good steel pan.  Durable, some will last a life time. And a chance to make your kitchen less dependant from those Illuminated companies. If it will improve your health, well I guess for those who have cooked all their life with those pans, the braincells are sticky already… So do it for the kids.  I’ve red PTFT is the only material a geckos foot won’t adhere to.  Smart geckos.

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Les français, ces esclaves dociles face au 1% qui détient tout le commerce.

S’il y a un pays qui a été entièrement détruit par le libéralisme à outrance, c’est bien la France. Les entrées des villes et aussi des villages sont désormais rythmées par les panneaux hideux des grandes surfaces, suivis par un amas de magasins en forme de blockhaus les uns plus moches que les autres avec les mêmes enseignes invariables à travers le pays.  Jadis cela fut un plaisir de traverser la France en voiture et de voir le paysage se dérouler, les entrées des villes avec leur architecture qui variaite selon les régions, les villages avec leurs ponts, églises et bar-tabacs. C’est du passé, la France d’aujourd’hui c’est tout en néon et en plaques de métal grises et carrées.

On y a crée un faux monde pour le consommateur docile, qui a tendance à penser qu’il y a libre concurrence et un tas de magasins plein d’affaires à bon prix. Je ne vais pas détailler la  triste réalité de ce système orwellien Big Brother, mais tous ces magasins sont détenus pas les mêmes familles. Les Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc,  possèdent la quasi totalité du territoire français et dictent la loi au niveau des prix et donc des salaires des employés et des fournisseurs.  L’ascension de ces supermarchés est sans aucune commune mesure avec les lois du commerce,  à se demander les connections sataniques de ses familles. Le nouvel ordre mondial capitaliste à outrance avec consommateur docile fut introduit en France 20 ans avant ses voisins!  Il n’y a que en Italie et en Espagne où on voit ces proportions, et encore bien moindre. C’est pire qu’aux Etats -Unis, et en bien plus moche. Des parkings bric à brac, des façades de cache misère et des abords de ville infréquentables sauf en voiture.  Plus de paysage , que des panneaux.

Et quand on pense acheter dans un autre magasin on a juste changé de devanture, mais l’argent va dans la même caisse. Voir l’exemple Auchan en bas du texte (Flunch, Boulanger, Decathlon, Alinea, etc).  Les magasins Auchan, comme Carrefour et Lerclerc, sont tous détenus par une même famille. Si on vous dit que le 1% détient tout!

Que le français a accepté la destruction de son pays par ses enseignes hideux m’interpelle. Les français se font si royalement ‘mettre’ qu’ils méritent la palme de l’européen le plus mouton et idiot du continent. Rarement ils protestent. C’est bien ce qui me frappe le plus dans ce pays, comment les habitants sont devenus si apathiques et si mornes qu’ils acceptent pareille invention pour faire leurs courses.  Que la laideur des magasins et du paysage transformé ne les inspire jamais une belle révoluiton est à se demander de quoi est fait leur âme.   Pensent-ils d’abord et à tort à leur porte-monnaie? Erreur! Car la 1ere arnaque est bien là : au niveau des prix ces supermarchés sont plus chers que le plus petit épicier dans mon village natal scandinave, qui livre pour ce prix en plus à domicile.  Suite à des années d’indoctrination ils ont réussi à faire croire aux français lambda qu’ils sont réellement moins cher que l’épicier du coin de jadis,  habilement assassiné sur l’autel du progrès.   2ème Arnaque : ces supermarchés ont à tout jamais installé un esclavagisme moderne, où la plupart des employés du commerce ne peut espérer qu’une promotion en tant que chef de rayons dans une allée de néons. L’horrible vie d’une caissière qui pousse des produits sur un tapis de caisse 8 heures durant chronométré, sans contact réel avec collègues ni clients, ne connaît pas d’égal. Plus rien à espérer. Plus de contact valorisant avec une équipe familiale qui servait de foyer souvent. Plus d’espoir un jour d’avoir son propre magasin un jour pour le vaillant chef de rayon. Il n’économisera rien et les structures de supermarché ne sont qu’à la portée de banquiers et ces familles complices. 

Plus jamais la France se relèvera de la crise sans se libérer de ces structures qui tirent tout le monde vers le bas en matière de coût  et de QI. La Hollande, Le Danemark, l’Allemagne ont encore amplement de petits magasins indépendants et de vaillants entrepreneurs qui créent la dynamique, la force et l’espoir d’un pays. L’économie, c’est souvent que du vent, une bulle euphorique, quand il y a plein de petits indépendants qui poussent, ça pousse mieux et plus fort, que ces méga structures anonymes remplies   de caissières et de chefs de rayons malheureux.  Le seul parti politique qui n’ait jamais levé la voix pour protéger le petit commerce fut le Front National. Comme ce parti est diabolisé, et le bon sens en général, le mouton consommateur français se trouve  seul en poussant son caddy sur ces megaparkings où le service est d’autant plus faible que le magasin est grand.

Le paysage ruiné, les abords des villes sans petits commerces, ni bars, ni lieux de contacts, la France est quadrillée par ses occupants.  Les banques sont immiscées à l’intérieur, à tous les coins de rue des villes et des villages, tandis que les grandes surfaces gardent l’accès pas l’extérieur. Seul brille l’enseigne de la pharmacie, elle encore indépendante, pour fournir de quoi calmer et égayer le français déraciné de 2012. 

déjà les courses en vélo c'est mieux!







Addendum : le système Big Brother, c’est ainsi que lesLeclerc, Carrefour, Auchan et Casino ont tué le petit commerce en France, ont esclavé leurs employés avec salaires mini et bonus en carotte, et ils ont féodalisé les fournisseurs, les fermiers et les pêcheurs, en dictant prix, quota et débouchés. Quand vous achetez dans ces magasins par exemple vous achetez tout de même chez Auchan…

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  • Atac
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  • Boulanger
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  • Leroy Merlin
  • Mammouth
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Signs say more than words

If you wish to understand the world, you have to understand this sign. Every week you have horrendous images on your TV screen about the Nazi concentration camps. Hundreds of thousands of people died a horrible death in those camps. Who can deny this?  The only existing pictures of dead bodies however are mostly from only 3 camps : Bergen Belsen, Ohrdruf and Dachau.  The dead bodies that one would expect in Treblinka, Sobibor, Chelmno, Auschwitz and Majdanek, all those infamous places, had either been burned and buried (or buried, dug up and then burned, nobody really knows), in fact they dissappeared. The famous pile of bodies in Ohrdruf was just a ‘small’ one of  50 bodies, put up for Eisenhower’s inspection,  which is little given the circonstances in those last days of the war on all sides. In Dachau it were not dead bodies of the prisoners of the camp itself that were found (they were actually in good shape) but the bodies of those who died on the horrible ‘death train’ from Buchenwald, and had just came in. You can read more about who was responsible for this death train on this reputed website.  But the sign of the Bergen Belsen camp, that was liberated by the British forces has more than one clue to the holocaust story. This is the place with the most horrible images of human history.  Piles of starved bodies bulldozered in mass graves.  Everyone who sees it, has them engraved on his hard disk forever and will be warned for life of the dangers of german supremacy.  The bulldozers you see in action on this horrible footage were manoevred by the british troops by the way, the more unfortunate SS guards, male and female, and the local german population were forced by the allies to move the bodies barehandedly. Not without risk. But hey, who cares those SS guards had to be hung anyway. The Bergen Belsen sign says : ‘10.000 unburied dead were found here, 13.000 died since’. So what secret weapon had the germans arranged for  in those camps that they killed even more people after the liberation… ?  Maybe it had something to do with this other sign from Auschwitz… « Eine Laus dein Tod » (one louse your death)  This was painted on many places, in the undressing rooms and showers.  Yet another weird habit of those terrible germans, scaring the inmates even more, the poor victims who were facing a horrible death already. So cruel to mock their victims with those signs, warning for diseases such as Typhus that supposedly killed with just one louse….

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